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Rivals ready for decisive derbyJapan Futsal League gets green light

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Photos courtesy of Annie ChurchillWhat does Actress/Philanthropist/Designer and Environmental Activist Annie Churchill have in common with Carrie Bradshaw? No, they are not both dating Big but they will be sharing screen time in the much anticipated movie edition of Sex and The City next Spring! Annie and I met through a mutual close friend (darling Gigi who has introduced me to all of New York!) at a luncheon over the summer and caught up again over Fashion Week.

I have been stuck buying cashmere sweaters for $500 when I could get something that looks incredibly chic, can be used daily, and costs $128. No one would 2014 louis vuitton outlet ever mistake one for the other, despite Forever 21's best efforts. But I typically opt for a white that is creamier.

As much as I love my parents, and as much as they shuttled me around to punk shows in high school before I could drive myself, it would have been awesome to have a mom who would suggest a Jay-Z concert at a posh casino as a fun family trip. The day started with Gretchen and Alexis headed over to meet Peggy in Gretchen's new Mercedes convertible.

The tote was stunning while it lasted, and then it started to get dirty. That means people already paid $3,950 for this crocodile and fox fur tote and are anxiously awaiting its arrival. I planned to do some work while abroad, but we spent every minute of every day exploring new cities and taking in the culture (and cuisine).

At Topshop, save an additional 20% off sale items through Sunday, November 25th, 30% off selected lines Friday, November 23rd only. Which is too bad, because the leather and the wrinkling detail on this bag are Discount Louis Vuitton beautiful. Oddly enough, Max was really a Maxette, who had babies.

How could I refuse a stay at the new Kingkey 100 property, a.k.a. After borrowing a spinning wheel from a friend, she began spinning the hair into yarn and then knitted the cat hair yarn into a handbag. You might think that neoprene laptop cases are a dime a dozen, but the upside of their ubiquity is that designers have more or less decided to price theirs similarly to non-designer manufacturers

It's all in the technique: the precision-perfect system of using invisible, mobile little bridges makes these scales more supple than real croc!As thrilling as it is to see the classics cast in enchanting rose-gold, the Nausicaa jewellery-bag is a new legend in its own right.

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